Advanced Course in Strategic Brand Management at LSBF - London School of Business & Finance - May 2015

"Employer Brand Marketing Definition"

Advanced Course in Strategic Brand Management at London School of Business & Finance, 16-20 March 2015, London - UK

Davide Scialpi keynoting at Imperial College Business School about Global Brand Marketing in the Digital World

RDO realizza il Sito Web e la Social Media Strategy della "CASA VACANZA TRULLI LA GINESTRA"

"DIGITAL CREATIVITY"- "The Digital Customer Experience and Loyalty" Conference by DUCC - UK, Danish Chamber of Commerce at GOOGLE LONDON, November 6th 2014

"Firm doesn't sell" McKinsey' Quote

"Strategy is choosing what not to do!" Micheal Porter' Quote

"If you want engage, you must engage!" Karen Martin' Quote

"Markets are Conversations" Cluetrain Manifesto' Quote

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love" Johann Volfgang Van Goethe' Quote

"I will lead, not follow!" Anthony Robbins' Quote

"It doesn't really matter if you are a Brand or a Person. What really counts today is telling a valuable story!" Davide Scialpi' Quote

"Value isn't the next big thing. It's the only thing" Luis Gallardo' Quote

"Employer Branding is a Marketing Strategy" Davide Scialpi

"Each of us needs of all of us and all of us needs each of us" Jim Rohn' Quote

"The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition" W.Chan Kim & R. Mauborgne' Quote

"Marketing and Innovation produce results. All the rest are costs" Peter Drucker

"Your Brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room" Jeff Bezos

"Your Brand name is only as good as your Reputation" Richard Brandson

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RDO DIGITAL is the Reinventa Dee Oceans Corporate Division exclusively dedicated to develop and implement digital performances to global larger size organizations across the private and public sectors.

The world is evolving faster than the capacity of companies to adapt. The reason behind this social fact is related to one single thing: technology advancement.

The path-to-purchase and the decision making about the value proposition of a company have literally changed. Thanks to the proliferation of new devices such as smart phones and tablets, People are now getting access to information and contents every time and every where.

Brands are now committed to running the imperative of keeping their business communication and marketing strategies at the pace of the always-on world: the new digital world.

It’s no longer a secret. It’s not anymore a temporary phenomenon. The Web, this time, is here to stay. It’s now time to definitely digitize your marketing strategy!

RDO DIGITAL WARRIORS help you embrace the digital transformation challenge in order to create interactive memorable and exciting customer experiences and successfully engage with your audiences in real time.

In terms of digital solutions, we serve leading companies by building, developing and managing web marketing strategies:

– corporate web sites
– corporate blogs
– e-Commerce platforms
– mobile applications

Technologies we use: Java Script, Html5, WordPress, Nodejs, Css3, PHP, Ruby, Jquery, Redis, Less, Git, Mongodb, Titanium, Raphael, SVG, Drupal.

We also develop and manage Search Engine Marketing strategies such as Google ADV, Linkedin ADV, Twitter ADV, Youtube ADV, Facebook ADV, etcetera.

To find out more about it, contact our digital warriors:

T. 00447417478242 (UK)
T. 00393289251290 (world)

Please Note: Lines are open 9 am to 7pm Monday to Friday (London Local Time) excluding UK public holidays ]

RDO, REINVENTA DEE OCEANS, Helping Brands become People and..vice versa!


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