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Davide Scialpi lecturing at Trento University on "New Brand Marketing and Digital Transformation"

Davide Scialpi presenting at Trento University about Personal Branding in the Digital Era!

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Davide Scialpi called to manage the entire examination session of "Corporate Communication and Digital Languages" Course of IULM University

Twitter looks like Facebook!!!

Davide Scialpi keynoting at Trento University about the Future of Marketing and the rise of Digital Economy!

"People are Becoming Brands and Brands have to become People" ( Davide Scialpi's quote )

Davide Scialpi invited as Global Marketing Innovation Influencer to join "How to turn Customers in Brand Ambassadors" Workshop by The UK-Danish Chamber of Commerce in London!

Social Selling: la strategia di vendita che passa attraverso i Social Media

"Marketing Strategy Innovation Ocean" LinkedIn Network is on!

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Davide Scialpi examining students of "Corporate Communication and Digital Languages" Course of IULM University

Come lanciare un business a livello internazionale: Davide Scialpi intervistato su Italiani a Londra.

On January 14th, Davide Scialpi will be at IULM University evaluating students of "Corporate Communication and Digital Languages" course of Iulm University

How to conceive a good story for successfully communicating your brand?

Intevista a Marcello Albergoni di Linkedin Italia

Davide Scialpi at IULM University to evaluate Students of "Corporate Communication and Digital Languages" course

Corsi di formazione internazionali su Social Media Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Digital Marketing ed Employer Branding in Italia?

Blog / 8 maggio 2012

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RDO - Helping Brands become People..and vice versa! RDO Blog is on!!!

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Welcome back!! Welcome back to the RDO world! It's Davide Scialpi writing here....

8 February 2012